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the tail is getting longer…

Well as you would have noticed by now our company is currently going through some changes and new additions to the team. For the fear of being upstaged by my colleague Claire in making a début on our blog I have decided to add my voice to the mix. So I am Sandra and had the wonderful privilege of also just recently starting, in Claire’s words, at ‘the most exciting, innovative company ever!’
Last night we had our first official monthly dinner which kicked off the social calendar for the company. Even though some members of the team were adamant that their only desire is just a good old South African steak, the fairer sex in the team decided we needed a more sophisticated abode to kick-off this momentous event. Subsequently we got to enjoy the wonderful cuisine of Saigon in Riviona, and what a treat indeed! The drink of the evening seemed to be the Strawberry Daiquiris and after sharing opinions and views about various topics starting with politics, movies right through to favorite bands we soon realized that we are all very unique in our likes and dislike. Maybe just the thing that makes us gel so well together.
Without wanting to sound psychic – I would like to predict that in the very near future this ‘tail’ will only get longer…. So watch this space!
Sandra Olivier

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