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How to use Social Media for Marketing

One of the unexpected consequences of the era of easy communication has been the emergence of websites like Facebook and YouTube dedicated to nothing more than gossip, staying in touch and trivia. But isn’t that what everyday life has always been about? South Africans have embraced the new media with overwhelming enthusiasm.

Facebook, which has over 681 000 members, quickly became the most popular (most-accessed) social network site in the country, though it has been overtaken among younger users by MXit. Clearly, there’s a marketing opportunity.

One of the opportunities to get some insights into Social Media is the Tony Koenderman’s Cracking the Digital Code conference which kicks off today. In fact, it starts in just a few minutes.

I am here, as are most of the longtail team, and we are ready to take notes and blog about every little detail. So hold on to your seat.

About the first session
Stafford Masie will open this workshop with a scene-setting examination of the new media, followed by Vincent Maher’s discussion of how marketers can use social media. Ingrid Rubin wraps up the session by explaining the delicate question of how to manage your corporate reputation in a landscape where consumer generated content can make or break your brand.

Speakers and Topics on the menu

  • The digital future is now – Stafford Masie of Google explains the threats, opportunities and relevance of digital media to South Africa
  • Vincent Maher of Vodacom examines why social media has taken off – and how to use them for marketing
  • How’s your online cred? – longtail founder Ingrid Rubin on Reputation Management

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