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Extra! Extra! The Meta Keywords Tag is Dead. Finally!

I just read this news snippet by Barry Schwartz on Search Engine Land that Yahoo Search No Longer Uses Meta Keywords Tag. Apparently the news came during the Ask The Search Engines session at SMX East in New York yesterday.

For a long time, Yahoo has been the only major search engine that supported the meta keywords tag, however, as of yesterday the search engine no longer supports it.

In fact, Cris Pierry, senior director of search at Yahoo, mentioned that support of the Meta Keywords Tag actually had been ended unannounced “several” months ago.

So, this brings to an end the use of the Meta Keywords Tag and also, finally, an end to all speculation about who is supporting and who isn’t supporting the tag.

To clarify, Google has never supported it, nor does Bing, so now we can hopefully expect to see updates to all SEO plugins and tools.

I am just wondering how significant this has been for many SEO’s. Personally, I believe(d) that there was no use for it, but that there was no harm in adding the Meta tag, so i simply included a few keywords. Now I can finally scrap that off and focus my time on more important optimization tactics.

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