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The Power of Radio – Why the Medium Still Count?


So where are you spending your hard fought for advertising budget and are you absolutely sure your medium of choice is working? A vexing question for any brand or marketing manager and one for which they are owed an honest and informed answer. If radio is on your 2010 media plan, you need to attend the first Journal panel breakfast of the year at which the power of radio advertising will be unpacked, dissected and interrogated by an expert panel under the cracking whip of moderator Jeremy Maggs.

At the end of 45 minutes of (commercial free) talk, you’ll have a better understanding of the country’s changing radio landscape; how to plan and execute a radio media plan, and most critically, how to quantify the results of your campaign. The panel will also apply its collective mind to the future of the medium both from a programming and sales perspective.

The Panel:

Virtuosa will be at the event doing live Tweeting and blogging so get all the details here if you can’t be there on the day.


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