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Journal of Marketing Debate: Customer Relationship Management [CRM]

How should existing and potential costumers be spoken to, what are the optimum methods of communication, what role is technology playing in the dynamic? Jeremy Maggs as always keeps everybody on their toes, with some of the highlights from the session this morning including:


Fraser Lamb, Group Chief Executive Officer (Young & Rubicam Brands SA):
  • Strategy not Software, acquire to retain, retain to grow.
  • We can have all the fluff but we need to define what a relationship is. Customers want a relationship with a brand because it fits their use and needs.  I don’t believe in loyalty, there is no such thing. Open up a dialogue, every piece of information you are collecting are about how you can use it…
  • I believe digital is simply a channel and one of the marketing mix. You have to manage your brand across the various touch points with your clients. Measurement done effectively the board will sit up and take note. CRM is based in data that is measurable, that is manageable, and meaningful.

Andrew Ambrogioni, CEO (Action Ambro’s)


  • The system or technology we use doesn’t build the relationship it’s how you apply those date insights into your creative communication.
  • Social Media is great as a service level tool. It’s opening up a new channel for constant content upload. Instead of a push strategy it’s becoming a pull strategy.
  • You can create promotions online and ask customers to engage with you. Utilize it to create more focused campaign.
  • The way we communicate, the way we design, way we approach the customer needs to be looked at far more closely. Touch the heart and then reach into the pocket.

Etien van Loggerenberg, Territory Sales Manager- Africa (Maximizer Software)


  • It’s all about understanding the customers, what makes them tick. Profile them and communicate in a way that they understand. Track the effectiveness of how you are communicating.
  • In terms of Reputation – you have to priorities on how to respond to messages and have the tools and people to do that.
  • Measurability is key in order to drive your business forward.

Bridgette Ward, Sales Manager (AdvanceNet Group)

  • Getting adoption of the system is key, people don’t always understand the systems. But you have to integrate this throughout your business in order for this to be successful.
  • Key need to be looking at  a client in a 360 degree view.
  • Social Media can now start pushing information into your relevant information into your space. More on the networking side
  • We need to be building the system to take us to the next sale
  • CRM is a culture, you are creating transparency in the business

Michelle Perrow, Strategic Director (Lesoba Difference)

  • Have to get the basics right, which is:  good service, answer the phone on time, speak to customers correctly, speak to customers on the channel that they require, adding value at the same time.

  • There are very few organization that have the web or call centre interaction linked into the CRM. Various reasons for this, lack of support, internal politics etc.

  • Direct Marketing Association is the champion in challenging the legislative regulations. The opt- in, opt- out discussion have been reversed so that we are now only talking about opt out.

  • We need to self regulate. 17 pieces of legislations that cover CRM at the moment and you need to be aware of this and implement this.





Once again another interesting morning with diverse opinions on this topic.

For more on this event make sure you get a copy of the next edition of The Journal. Also don’t miss out on the next Journal of Marketing Debate talking about Green Marketing.


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