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The Annual Ad Forum – Part 1

A beautifully fresh morning welcomes everyone at this, the next episode of The Journal of Marketing Breakfast, at The Michelangelo in Sandton. A Loerie themed morning, Hosted by Andy Rice, today’s topic revolves around “Squawking About Winning Advertising”.

Loerie ads are judged according to 5 categories:

  • Innovation – creativity in terms of being distinctively different
  • Quality – how well is the idea executed
  • Relevance to the brand,
  • Relevance to target audience,
  • And relevance to the  chosen medium

On the menu today to talk and question about winning ads are:

Andy Rice, Chairman, Yellowwood Brand Architects
Oresti Patricios, CEO at Ornico Group (Pty)Ltd
Steve Miller, CEO at BF Strategy
Lou Boxall-Davies, Chief Strategist at Morris Jones
Geoff Whyte, Managing Director at Snackworks


Advert 1:

The Vodacom Music Station, done by Draft FCB, directed by Neo Mashingo.

Goal: To promote that Vodacom provides the listener to have radio at their fingertips, their own choice of music.
Creative angle: The DJ Keeps talking over the music, that the listener really wants to listen to. Where as they have their own choice of music via Vodacom.
Delivery: Pointers were given for the voice artist to talk about, and then were elaborated on in studio.

  • The voiceover artist did a fantastic job at depicting the DJ.
  • The ad explains that it is music without a DJ, any category any music. Like listening to a radio station, on your cellphone.
  • Was flighted on vernacular ALS radio stations.
  • The Vodacom brand doesn’t come out strong, but appears as a spot read by the DJ.
  • Sales increased in terms of data markets. A lot of teaching still needs to happen. The campaign was driven to teach people on ALS stations to use their phones for other functions, like data, and not just voice.
  • In terms of building the brand, they wanted the brand to be viewed as a friend, with a comedic thread.

Advert 2

Yuppiechef vs Woolies
Agency: Hello World
Danni Vos, CEO

The sign, which had the incorrect URL on, which Yuppiechef held ransom.

Yuppiechef.co.za hijacked Woolies’s misspelt URL, registered it, and held it ransom.  Challenging them to donate money

Yuppiechef's ransom note on the hijacked URL

  • They had less than 14 days before Valentine’s day.
  • Social media driven, but mainly driven by the PR.
  • How do Yupppiechef now continue to engage? They are an online company, so they continue with online and social media.
  • It’s about finding the right social idea, and backing it up with the right brand.
  • If it were to be done again, would it be done differently: Because of time constraints, strategy couldn’t be planned.  A bigger base could’ve been achieved, and the Yuppiechhef current bas could’ve been utilized.
  • Great opportunistic campaign, and a great PR exercise – what was the PR strat: was totally focused on radio and online media. Power of online has turned a corner, to use Online PR more – to engage online bloggers more.
  • Built their social media database immensely.


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Habari Symposium Day Two

The bright eyed bushy tailed crowd (who apparently rode bikes up a mountain early in the morning of day 2) and the red eyed party bunch (need I say more) gathered for the last day of the symposium. Admittedly, the weather was much better than the day before and after the previous day’s socializing it was almost difficult to concentrate. Continue reading

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